[CIG-SHORT] Adaptive TimeStep for the quasi-static earthquake cycles simulation

Bei Xu bei_xu at uri.edu
Mon Jan 7 10:49:01 PST 2019

Dear Aagaard and *Matthew Knepley*
I know the TimeStepAdapt time-step implementation can automatically
calculates a time step size based on the constitutive model and rate of
deformation. However, for quasi-static earthquake cycles simulation, it
needs to set a long total time, such as hundreds of years or even thousands
of years, while during coseismic rupture, the time step should not be too
large, because we need to capture coseismic rupture characteristics. Thus,
if I adopt the TimeStepAdapt time-step implementation, it will take such a
long time to calculate one time. Then,  I want the time step size is
calculated based on the slip rate. The attached file shows how to calculate
time step based on the slip rate and my questions. would you like to give
me some help?
Best regards,
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