[CIG-SHORT] Run on cluster using SLURM

Bing He bing-he at uri.edu
Fri Sep 28 12:57:08 PDT 2018

Dear all,

Is there anyone has successfully run Pylith using Slurm? Could you please give me some suggestions?
I wrote the configuration file and run the code like this (attached). It can use many nodes and cpus, but the computing speed does not improve. 

scheduler = slurm
launcher = mpich
shell = /bin/bash
command = mpirun -np ${nodes} 

pylith step06.cfg \
    --launcher=mpich \
    --scheduler=slurm \
    --job.queue=general \
    --job.walltime=2*day \
    --job.name=speed \
    —-nodes=40 —-scheduler.ppn=20 \
    --job.stdout=log \

Thanks for your time and have a nice weekend!
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