[CIG-SHORT] TimeStepAdapt

Bing He bing-he at uri.edu
Wed Sep 26 18:46:10 PDT 2018

Dear all,

I am using the quasi-static interseismic with spontaneous ruptures to simulate the earthquake cycles. One question here is how to vary the time step, because the maximum slip rate in results is 10^(-6) m/s, and it could not reach the slip rate of an earthquake, like 10^(-2) m/s. I guess it is due to my 2 days time step, which is too large for an earthquake.
I try to use the nonuniform, automatic time step, but I found the time step does not change in my results. It uses the max time step. Is there anyone know how to use the TimeStepAdapt? The manual said that the time step size is calculated based on the rate of deformation. Is it due to the threshold of rate of deformation higher than my maximum slip rate?
Here is my TimeStepAdapt code.

solver = pylith.problems.SolverNonlinear
time_step = pylith.problems.TimeStepAdapt

total_time = 50.0*year
max_dt = 2*day
adapt_skip = 10
stability_factor = 2.0

Thanks for your time and have a good day!

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