[CIG-SHORT] Applying Gravitational Forces with Pylith

Niloufar Abolfathian niloufar.abolfathian at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 23:44:04 PDT 2018


I am intending to apply gravitational forces in my quasi-static model. My
model includes a fault and two materials, elastic and viscoelastic. In
order to get a steady model, I am running the model for more than 20,000
years.Going through the examples I am following what you are doing in the
example hex8/step17 and subduction/step8a-b-c. At the moment I am getting
my initial results with infinitesimal strain, gravitational forces, and no
initial stress.

Since I talked with Brad at SSA, and he was warning about implying
gravitational forces, I like to know your suggestion regarding my model:

1. I am applying gravitational forces, from the manual you suggest
using finite strain rather than infinite strain. Is this always true? I am
having an error while running with lgImplicitDeform.

2. My understanding is that I have to run my model with lgImplicitDeform
and gravitational forces until I get steady state, and use the output
stress as input for the final round of lgImplicitDeform and gravitational
forces and initial stresses. What is your intuition on going through this

3. What about adding few blocks around my model, with larger mesh size? Can
they reduce the probable effect (rotation) caused by the gravitational

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