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Dear Kejing,

I’ve just looked at your problem briefly.  When I look at the displacement field, the maximum displacements are on the order of 14 m, while your maximum velocities (after the first time step) are on the order of 3 cm/year.  I doubt that you would see much difference in the displacement vectors over time, if that’s what you’re expecting.  To look at things in more detail, it would probably be helpful to turn on output for ‘viscous_strain’ for your mantle, and well as ‘velocity’ for your solution output.

Also, you will probably notice that since the slab is elastic, there is very little viscous strain in the mantle, except for near the bottom edge of the fault.


> On 29/07/2018, at 3:21 PM, hkj at mail.ustc.edu.cn wrote:
> Dear sir,
> - I'm learning Pylith now and it is indeed very powerful, I do appreciate your efforts. However,  when I used step02 of 3d subduction example, problem showed up.
> - I  generally modified by step02 of Pylith 3d subduction example, just modified the material properties and calculation time, in this example:
> - I used a elastic slab, elastic crust, a elastic wedge and a viscoelastic mantle
> - To run calculation with a elastic rupture body, I used
>   'pylith step02.cfg mat_viscoelastic.cfg solver_fieldsplit.cfg --nodes=4'
> - Unfortunately, it gives ideal result, where I expect motion of wedge and motion of subducting slab should be opposite in subducting direction for viscoelastic relaxation, but I can't even sea the elastic slab boundary in postseismic deformation(see y_profile_after_eq_0_2_year)
> - I sincerely hope you can find out where the problem is. Thank you very much!
> Best regards!
> Kejing Huang
> University of Science and Technology of China
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