[CIG-SHORT] Problem_report_for_step02_of_3d_subduction_example

hkj at mail.ustc.edu.cn hkj at mail.ustc.edu.cn
Sat Jul 28 20:21:57 PDT 2018

Dear sir,

- I'm learning Pylith now and it is indeed very powerful, I do appreciate your efforts. However,  when I used step02 of 3d subduction example, problem showed up.

- I  generally modified by step02 of Pylith 3d subduction example, just modified the material properties and calculation time, in this example:

- I used a elastic slab, elastic crust, a elastic wedge and a viscoelastic mantle

- To run calculation with a elastic rupture body, I used
  'pylith step02.cfg mat_viscoelastic.cfg solver_fieldsplit.cfg --nodes=4'

- Unfortunately, it gives ideal result, where I expect motion of wedge and motion of subducting slab should be opposite in subducting direction for viscoelastic relaxation, but I can't even sea the elastic slab boundary in postseismic deformation(see y_profile_after_eq_0_2_year)

- I sincerely hope you can find out where the problem is. Thank you very much!

Best regards!

Kejing Huang
University of Science and Technology of China

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