[CIG-SHORT] one way and fluid pressure

alberto cominelli alberto.cominelli at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 07:18:41 PDT 2016

Dear All,
I am willing to run pylith and a eservoir simulator in a one-wat coupled
mode (fluid pressure is used to compute stress and deformation).
In other simulator like abaqus I can use porous elements and then freeze
the pressure at the nodes. Then Abaqus solves for displacements and give an
effective stress which equlibrated gravity (including density) and pressure
which can be considered as a load.
In pylith I think I should use initial stress and then pass to Pylith  as
initial stress  sigma  + p (with sigma negative and p positive).
Am I correct doing this? If so, I suppose I can not advance in time in a
single simulation but, if I want to use pressure values computed at time 0,
time 1 year, time 2 years.. I have to run  a new pylith quasi-static
simulations using  at time n+1 new pressure in an incremental manner on top
of the stress calculated at the end of time step n.
I would like to have an opinion from you.

P.S: for one way coupling I would prefer to use the code as it is w/o
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