[CIG-SHORT] Save pylith results only to H5 files

Francisco Delgado fjd49 at cornell.edu
Tue Oct 25 09:15:16 PDT 2016

Dear Pylith developers

Some months ago I asked about how can I turn off the VTK writer and use
only the H5 one. The following lines work to save the ground displacements
in a h5 file

# Surface
writer = pylith.meshio.DataWriterHDF5
label = face_zpos
vertex_data_fields = [displacement]
writer.filename = surface.h5

but the following do not turn off the vtk writer for the rest of the faces

writer = pylith.meshio.DataWriterVTK
label = face_res
vertex_info_fields = []
vertex_data_fields = []
cell_info_fields = []
cell_data_fields = []

as they output the following error

* >> {command line}::*

* >> pyre.inventory(error)*

* -- File contains parsing errors: visco_shell.cfg*

* [line 109]: 'pylithapp.problem.formulation.output.subdomain]\n'*

*pylithapp: configuration error(s)*

How can I solve this issue??


Francisco Delgado
PhD student in Geological Sciences
Cornell University
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