[CIG-SHORT] Question regarding spatial database with depth and lateral dependent properties

Josimar Alves da Silva jsilva.mit at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 15:00:29 PDT 2016

Dear Pylith community,

I am new on Pylith and I am looking for an example of spatial database for
initial stress specification.

My goal is to specify depth and lateral  dependent initial stresses in
order to avoid initial displacements when the gravity field is "turned on".

The attached figure can help. In summary my question is:

1) How to specify initial conditions for the stresses to compensate
gravitational displacements for the attached domain geometry ?

Note that I am able to make this work for a domain of flat layers, as shown
in several examples in the manual, however, not for inclined layers like
this one.

Thank you in advance for you help,
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