[CIG-SHORT] on the viscosity coefficient

Yuta Abe yuta-abe at aist.go.jp
Thu Mar 4 00:07:06 PST 2010

Dear PyLith Developers:

  I have a question about the viscosity_coefficient "eta", which is  
one of the physical properties that you get in the output  
"cel_info_fields" when you carry out analysis of a power-law  
viscoelastic material using PyLith 1.4.2.

  I thought the values of "eta" could be calculated using the  
equations (5.74), (5.75) and (5.76) by substituting the power-law  
coefficient "At" and the power-law exponent n. I substituted  
"At"=1.99e-41 and n=3 into those equations, and obtained "eta"=1.77e 
+13 as a result. However, the value of "eta" in info.vtk file which  
was obtained as an automatic output of the PyLith program for the same  
values of "At"=1.99e-41 and n=3 was "eta"=1.77e+18, 100,000 times as  
large as the above value. By the way, the final output of the PyLith  
program coincided with the analytical solution.

I would like to find out the origin of this difference, so please  
kindly tell me how the value of "eta" is calculated within the PyLith  

Yuta ABE
Active Fault and Earthquake Reserch Center
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,Japan
tel; +81-29-861-3686
email; yuta-abe at aist.go.jp
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