[CIG-SHORT] pylith multiprocessor

Christopher DiCaprio dicaprio at gps.caltech.edu
Fri Oct 19 17:31:02 PDT 2007


I'm trying to run a model on multiple processors, but I run into the  
following error:

jokull:examples/3d/tet4> pylith dislocation.cfg mymachines.cfg
invalid mpiexec argument -machinefile
Usage: mpiexec -usize <universesize> -maxtime <seconds> -exitinfo -l\
                -n <numprocs> -soft <softness> -host <hostname> \
                -wdir <working directory> -path <search path> \
                -file <filename> -configfile <filename> \
                -genvnone -genvlist <name1,name2,...> -genv name value\
                -envnone -envlist <name1,name2,...> -env name value\
                execname <args>\
                [ : -n <numprocs> ... execname <args>]

--pyre-start: mpiexec: exit 255
/home/dicaprio/local/pylith-1.0.1-linux-i686/bin/pylith: /home/ 
dicaprio/local/pylith-1.0.1-linux-i686/bin/nemesis: exit 1

I'm using the prebuilt pylith binary.


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