[CIG-SHORT] install PyLith on a 64 bit machine

Brad Aagaard baagaard at usgs.gov
Fri Oct 5 11:03:45 PDT 2007


Please check to make sure nemesis was installed correctly. You should 
have "nemesis" and "mpinemesis" in $PREFIX/bin.

In section 3.3.2 of the manual, please note that you will also need to install 
proj (before spatialdata), spatialdata, nemesis, numpy (before FIAT), and 
FIAT. Your linux distribution probably has binary packages for proj and 

FIAT is available from http://www.fenics.org/wiki/Download.

The nemesis tarball is posted on the PyLith download page: 

Spatialdata is also CIG software, but the tarball is not posted on the web 
page. To checkout the source, run
svn co http://geodynamics.org/svn/cig/cs/spatialdata-0.1/trunk spatialdata
You will need to run "autoreconf -if" and "configure" like you do for the main 
PyLith source.


On Thursday 04 October 2007, yaru wrote:
> Hi All,
>   I try to install PyLith on my 64 bit machine (Operation System :
> Scientific Linux 4.4 64-bit). I successfully install PETSC but fail to
> install PyLith.
> When I ran
>  ./configure CXXFLAGS=-DNEW_SECTION --prefix=/data/cig
> I got the following:
> checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c checking
> whether build environment is sane... yes checking for gawk... gawk ...
> ......
> ...
> checking for PetscInitialize... yes (C++) checking for petsc.h... yes
> checking whether we can link a trivial C++ PETSc program... yes checking
> for PetscInitialize... yes (C++) checking for PETSc/Sieve... yes
> configure: downloading missing Python dependencies
> configure: error: cannot download missing Python dependencies See
> `config.log' for more details.
> I already upgrade Python to v2.5.1.
> The config.log is attached. Could someone help me out?
> Thank you,
> Yaru
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