[CIG-SHORT] pylith error

Brad Aagaard baagaard at usgs.gov
Tue Nov 20 15:09:19 PST 2007


The error message you are getting when the mesh is imported is associated with 
a bug in the partitioning (that has been fixed in the development version). 
This is not associated with the real error you are getting with the slip 
spatial database. The spatial database relies on interpolation to set the 
slip values. As a result, it will spit out the error message you are getting 
when it thinks it has to extrapolate. Double check to make sure the number of 
points and topology of the spatial distribution match the actual 
distribution. A 1-D topology must be a line, a 2-D topology must be a plane, 
and a 3-D topology must be a volume.


On Tuesday 20 November 2007, Jiangning Lu wrote:
> hi all,
> I was trying runing a dislocation model with a single fault.
> Here is the error info:
> ......
>   File "faults.pyx", line 143, in faults.Fault.initialize
> RuntimeError: Could not find final slip at (  335175  3.80014e+06  -14000)
> using spatial database spatial database.
> --pyre-start: mpirun: exit 1
> /chandler/home/jlu/scratch1/pylith_1.0.1/pylith-1.0.1-linux-i686/bin/pylith
> /chandler/home/jlu/scratch1/pylith_1.0.1/pylith-1.0.1-linux-i686/bin/nemesi
>s: exit 1
> After I turn the debug on, I got the following from the mesh generation
> info:
> WARNING: Vertex 1 has no neighbors
> WARNING: 118121 vertices have no neighbors
> Partitioning step 1 too large for 1 processors.
> At first glance, it looks like the problem is too large for 1 processor. 
> Is that really the problem?   The mesh has 20664 nodes and 117542 cells.
> If that's not, what could it be?
> Thanks!!
> Jiangning
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