[CIG-SHORT] potential collaboration with deal.II for short-term tectonics

Brad Aagaard baagaard at usgs.gov
Tue Nov 20 09:00:36 PST 2007

Hi all:

Wolfgang Bangerth, who is the primary developer of the AMR library deal.II, 
has reiterated his interest in working with members of the CIG community to 
develop some sample geodynamics codes using deal.II. If you are interested, 
please send an email to Wolfgang, myself, or the cig-short mailing list.


On Monday 19 November 2007, Wolfgang Bangerth wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> after the deal.II workshop in Boulder three weeks ago I was asked if it was
> possible that a set of tutorial programs be developed that addresses topics
> of particular concern to the geodynamics community. Such programs could
> then serve both as a set of documented benchmarks against which new
> programs can be tested, or, maybe more importantly, as the starting point
> for programs implementing different and more realistic rheologies or
> boundary conditions, or a different set of numerical techniques. deal.II
> makes this sort of experiment simple because it is easy to build complex
> solvers, change finite elements, or use different quadrature formulas.
> I am very interested in writing tutorial programs with a focus on typical
> geodynamics problems. If the community would support the creation of such a
> set of programs, then I would work with CIG and interested individuals
> willing to teach me their problems and currently used techniques to make
> this happen.
> Consequently, I would like to ask you whether this would be of interest to
> you individually or your community within geodynamics? Any feedback would
> be much appreciated!

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