[CIG-SHORT] Problem installing nemesis

Laura Alisic alisic at gps.caltech.edu
Thu Nov 15 15:39:27 PST 2007


I am in the process of installing PyLith 1.0.1 from source on a linux  
machine (32-bit). So far I have installed all dependencies of PyLith,  
apart from nemesis. During configuration of nemesis, it doesn't seem  
to be able to find the MPI library, despite the fact it's being  
called in the configure command I used. Also, it's set in my .cshrc  

My $LD_LIBRARY_PATH looks as follows:
stapi% echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

The MPI lib directory contains the following:
stapi% ls /home/alisic/opt/petsc-dev/linux_g++_debug/lib
libchaco.a         libmpich.a           libmpich.so@        
libpetsccontrib.so*  libpetscmat.a     libpetscts.a
libfmpich.a        libmpichcxx.a        libmpich.so.1@      
libpetscdm.a         libpetscmat.so*   libpetscts.so*
libfmpich.so@      libmpichcxx.so@      libmpich.so.1.1*    
libpetscdm.so*       libpetscsnes.a    libpetscvec.a
libfmpich.so.1@    libmpichcxx.so.1@    libpetsc.a          
libpetscksp.a        libpetscsnes.so*  libpetscvec.so*
libfmpich.so.1.1*  libmpichcxx.so.1.1*  libpetsccontrib.a   
libpetscksp.so*      libpetsc.so*      mpich2-ch3.pc

The config.log is attached.

How could I go about solving this issue? I've been trying several  
configure options without success.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


     Laura Alisic
     PhD Student in Geophysics
     Seismological Laboratory
     California Institute of Technology			
     alisic at gps.caltech.edu

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