[CIG-SHORT] improved Okada matlab script(s) for benchmarks

Brad Aagaard baagaard at usgs.gov
Mon Jul 24 17:28:57 PDT 2006

Hi all:

I just uploaded improved matlab scripts (the .m files) for the reverse 
and strike-slip benchmarks. As I was trying to compute the analytic 
solution for use with the benchmarking infrastructure that Luis is 
working on, I noticed the memory use rising as the script progressed. 
I altered the script to preallocate the memory for the arrays and 
removed some temporary variables. The memory use should now be steady 
as the script progresses and much less for large numbers of 

I also factored out the common parts of the two scripts and put it in 
a separate file. The ReverseSlip_ng.m and StrikeSlip_ng.m files are 
now just lightweight wrappers around a new script called 

This should make it easier to generate the boundary conditions and 
solution for the higher resolution benchmarks. On my machine, the 
script computes about 12,000 points per minute. For the points.in in 
the tarball (nearly a million points) the script uses about 212 MB of 



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