[CIG-SHORT] reverse and strike-slip benchmarks

Brad Aagaard baagaard at usgs.gov
Thu Jul 20 15:54:49 PDT 2006

Hi all:

Tarballs containing input files for the uniform resolution (1000m, 
500m, and 250m) runs of the strike-slip and reverse-slip benchmarks 
are posted on the CIG website.

Go to Working groups->
  Short-Term Crustal Dynamics->
    Work Area->

Note: These all use the revised, finer resolution taper that Eric 
Hetland incorporated into Noah Fay's matlab scripts.

Proposed timeline for running benchmarks (of course, you are free to 
provide results sooner than the dates listed):

By Fri July 28
  1. Rerun reverse-slip 1000m resolution using finer resolution taper
  2. Run strike-slip 1000m resolution

1 wk after the PyLith-0.8.1 is released
  3. Run reverse-slip 500m resolution
  4. Run strike-slip 500m resolution

By Aug 18
  Note: These will require a machine with lots of RAM or a cluster.
  5. Run reverse-slip 250m resolution
  6. Run strike-slip 250m resolution

By Sep 1
  7. Run Landers-Hector Mine benchmark.
  8. Run variable resolution reverse slip benchmarks (bragging rights 
go to the person producing the mesh with the smallest L2 integrated 

If we can follow this timeline, we should have time to process the 
results and put together a poster for the SCEC meeting (which is Sep 


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