[CIG-SHORT] Mesh: Strike Slip Benchmark

Carl W. Gable gable at lanl.gov
Mon Jul 17 15:16:36 PDT 2006

I have made a set of 4 meshes for the Strike Slip benchmark.

They are:
Uniform resolution : 1000m
Uniform resolution :  500m
Uniform resolution :  250m
Varible resolution :  125 near the fault -1000m away from the fault

For each grid I have put on the web page listed below
a GMV file, and AVS file, and a file with node attributes
of the slip on the fault and tags that indicate which nodes
are fault nodes. See web page for details. I have also included
the LaGriT control files that are used to create the meshes.

I will also shortly put up web pages for the Landers/Hector Mine
benchmark and the Reverse Fault benchmark.

Any comments on the format of the files or organization of the
web page are most welcome.

For direct access go to:

In general this page can be found by going to:


Click on the 'Projects' link, which takes you to:

then scroll down until you find the project named,
'Benchmark Strike Slip'

If you find problems or if something is not clear send me email
and I will update the web page and try to explain thing further.


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