[CIG-SHORT] material model for landers/hector mine benchmark

Greg Lyzenga lyzenga at hmc.edu
Thu Jul 13 12:14:45 PDT 2006

> Eric-
> Yes, it is possible to setup the codes to work with the material model
> that Brad originally proposed. For PyLith-0.8 (and I imagine GeoFEST
> as well), it would require some significant recoding of how material
> properties are assigned. This is why I proposed a quick and dirty
> approach with 10-12 layers that would come close to matching the
> structure Brad proposed but not require any recoding.
> Brad

Yes, just to second Brad's comment...  Continuously variable  
properties based on element centroid location are no problem in  
principle, but in practice require writing new code (and validating/ 
debugging it).  The best short-term solution is to have a modest but  
reasonable number of material classes that map to the realistic model.

                             - Greg

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in practice, there's a difference."

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