[CIG-SHORT] Reverse-Slip (no gravity) benchmark - pylith output

Eric Andreas Hetland eah at gps.caltech.edu
Wed Jul 12 13:26:01 PDT 2006


I ran Reverse-Slip (no gravity) on Pylith - I only ran the mesh that Charles
made, I intended to do more, but currently I can not get Pylith running on
my linux workstation, and computations are limited on an old iBook, maybe
more next time around.

The results can be downloaded here:


and these are the files:


in *_OldBCs.tgz I used the older BC's, that only have a 125 m step size to
approximate the slip taper.
in *_NewBCs.tgz I used the BCs from Okada with 10m step, as discussed in
Golden, and the edges of the fault have zero slip (at the end of the taper
specification, where the OldBCs have some prescribed slip at the edge of the
taper in the FE model).

I was not sure what BC set was run in GeoFEST - I realized that I sent the
new BCs to Charles only for his older BM5 mesh that is posted on the CIG

Note that if the numeric elastic results are compared to the Okada solution,
make sure the BC set is consistent with the okada realization that is
compared to. Also, note that in the old BC specification, there will be a
larger error due to the fact that the FE solution has a very different fault
offset distribution than the old Okada realization.


On 7/7/06 9:51 AM, "Brad Aagaard" <baagaard at usgs.gov> wrote:

> Hi all:
> The PyLith-0.8 input files for the reverse-slip (no gravity) benchmark
> for the 1 km resolution model are available on the geodynamics
> website. The new benchmark descriptions are also posted. The new
> benchmark folder is:
> http://www.geodynamics.org:8080/cig/workinggroups/eq/workarea/benchmarks
> I would like volunteers to run this model by next Fri July 14- with
> one volunteer for PyLith (Eric Hetland?), one for GeoFEST, and one
> for femlab (Oliver Boyd?). Results would need to be sent to Luis
> Armendariz no later than next Fri. For a PyLith user, this is less
> than an hour of work.
> Brad
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