[CIG-SHORT] Reverse-Slip (no gravity) benchmark

Eric Andreas Hetland eah at gps.caltech.edu
Fri Jul 7 13:41:11 PDT 2006

OK - did not mean to throw a wrench into the cogs here, just pointing out
that when comparing the results all the models should use the same BC's...
And if we compare the FE results to an okada implementation, it should match
the one that was used to generate the BCs.

It was my understanding at the meeting that Hager wanted an Okada that
closer matched the slip distribution in the FE models, and I volunteered to
get this online by today... I will regenerate the BC's from the tar-balls
that Charles put up (generate new *.bc files), using a finer resolution
slip-distribution. I will email these to Charles within an hour or so.

Also, there is a matlab script there to generate the BC's (using the finer
slip-dist) for the strike-slip model. Either send me the FE node positions
for the SS model and I can generate the BCs, or grab the script from the CIG

 - Eric...

On 7/7/06 1:10 PM, "Charles Williams" <willic3 at rpi.edu> wrote:

> I did use Noah's scripts for the reverse slip benchmarks.  If you
> provide me with something finer, I can use those instead.
> Thanks,
> Charles
> On Jul 7, 2006, at 1:22 PM, Brad Aagaard wrote:
>> Eric-
>> As far as I know, Charles used Noah's scripts. Can you take the PyLith
>> input tarball and regenerate the boundary conditions?
>> Brad
>> On Friday 07 July 2006 10:15 am, Eric Andreas Hetland wrote:
>>> One quick question: When you generated the BC's for the Reverse
>>> slip BM, did you use Noah's original taper spacing of 125 meters?
>>> At Golden, we seemed to want to do better than this, which we can,
>>> and is done in the new scripts I can not seem to get posted... If
>>> you used Noah's original taper specification, then keep that in
>>> mind when comparing the results to the analytic results...
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