[CIG-SHORT] Reverse-Slip (no gravity) benchmark

Eric Andreas Hetland eah at gps.caltech.edu
Fri Jul 7 10:15:11 PDT 2006

> one volunteer for PyLith (Eric Hetland?),

I will do PyLith...

I also will post the repackaged Okada 1992 from Noah Faye to the website
once I figure out where the file or add button are...

One quick question: When you generated the BC's for the Reverse slip BM, did
you use Noah's original taper spacing of 125 meters?  At Golden, we seemed
to want to do better than this, which we can, and is done in the new scripts
I can not seem to get posted... If you used Noah's original taper
specification, then keep that in mind when comparing the results to the
analytic results...

- Eric...

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