[CIG-SEISMO] SPECFEM2D Moment tensor

seisphd seis_phd at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 14 17:19:32 PDT 2018

Dear SPECFEM2D developers and users, 

I would like to ask for your help on how to make a proper approximation on a station using a moment tensor as a source.
I ve gone through the manual and the papers describing the problem but I got  a little bit confused.
So if I have a Strike 322, Dip 40, Rake -72 foc mecthen I get 
Mxx  Myy  Mzz  Mxy  Mxz  Myz :0.54774   0.38886  -0.93661   0.50245  -0.28821   0.01560
If I use only Mxx Mzz Mxz its fine for the stations at distances bigger than the dimensions of the rapture. BUT only for the stations with 90deg azimuth.
In practice, how can I get the correct Mxx Mzz Mxz at a station with a different azimuth? Lets say 60 deg.
Can you please provide an example on that?

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