[CIG-SEISMO] specfem3d cartesian compilation problem

Chao Luo 365thinking at tongji.edu.cn
Tue Jun 14 01:15:40 PDT 2016

Dear developers,
Hello, I am Chao Luo, a Ph.D. student from Tongji University, China. Recently I am trying to compile specfem3d on my computer. My OS  is ubuntu 16.04.  gcc, gfortran and openmpi was installed, along with scotch. while I ran the command:
"./configure FC=gfortran CC=g++ MPIFC=mpif90 --with-mpi"
It shows that the preinstalled scotch has not been detected as follows:


and also after that I got an error when I execute "make specfem3D".
Could you please help me with that. Thanks a lot. 
Best regards,Chao Luo

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