[CIG-SEISMO] SPECFEM3D:Kinematic and dynamic fault sources and CUBIT

Jean-Paul (Pablo) Ampuero ampuero at gps.caltech.edu
Thu May 21 21:00:42 PDT 2015

Dear Jenny,
We, the developers of the fault source modules of SPECFEM3D, have no experience with GID.
If you have specific questions about chapter 6 of the manual please send them to me and I will
update it accordingly.
Best regards,
Jean Paul (Pablo) Ampuero
Assistant Professor of Seismology
Seismological Laboratory - California Institute of Technology

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> Dear SPECFEM Developers,
>       I have done my  simulations with Specfem3D_Global for about seven
> years. Recently, I am very interested in Specfem3D_cartesian for  regional
> seismic wave simulation and have done some simulaton in
> EXAMPLES\. Unfortunately,  Cubit is only vailable to U.S. government
> agencies, and we  have no access to cubit(trellis) for meshing the domains.
>       In the mannual of "Specfem 3D cartesian", it mentioned that GID can
> be used as well. I've  been using GID(http://www.gidhome.com) for several
> years. Could you give me an example of the mesh created by the GID (
> http://gid.cimne.upc.es) with Kinematic and dynamic fault sources?
>       Moreover, explanation about the "Kinematic and dynamic fault sources"
> in chapter 6 of the mannul is too little.
> best regards
> Jenny Yan
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