[CIG-SEISMO] SPECFEM3D:Kinematic and dynamic fault sources and CUBIT

Jenny Yan jenny.yanny at gmail.com
Thu May 21 00:14:05 PDT 2015

Dear SPECFEM Developers,
      I have done my  simulations with Specfem3D_Global for about seven
years. Recently, I am very interested in Specfem3D_cartesian for  regional
seismic wave simulation and have done some simulaton in
EXAMPLES\. Unfortunately,  Cubit is only vailable to U.S. government
agencies, and we  have no access to cubit(trellis) for meshing the domains.
      In the mannual of "Specfem 3D cartesian", it mentioned that GID can
be used as well. I've  been using GID(http://www.gidhome.com) for several
years. Could you give me an example of the mesh created by the GID (
http://gid.cimne.upc.es) with Kinematic and dynamic fault sources?
      Moreover, explanation about the "Kinematic and dynamic fault sources"
in chapter 6 of the mannul is too little.

best regards

Jenny Yan
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