[CIG-SEISMO] Running specfem Globe at 10seconds

masson masson at ipgp.fr
Tue May 12 06:05:03 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Is there any special things to do to scale up SpecFem Globe ? I used 
the latest version (Git) with default setup (I changed nchunks to 6 and 
pml to .false.). That worked fine. Then I used nex_xi=nex_eta=528 and 
nproc_xi=n_proc_eta=22 compiled using intel on a cray system (hopper) at 
NERSC and I am getting a "negative mass matrix term for the ocean". I 
had similar problems with another earlier version I customized to 
include the latest Berkeley 3D model (which we would be happy to share 
once the model is published) it works fine using 300 total processors 
but crashes at 2904. Did I miss something obvious here ?

Many thanks for helping,



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