[CIG-SEISMO] geocubit meshing and exporting in parallel

moritzwehler at muenchen-ist-toll.de moritzwehler at muenchen-ist-toll.de
Tue Jul 7 04:30:18 PDT 2015


Hey there, 

i am using specfem3d_cartesian and Cubit and encountered some problems
when trying to create and export a mesh IN PARALLEL with geocubit. My
.cfg file is attached. I tried running 

mpirun -n 4 pyMPI GEOCUBIT.py --build_volume --mesh --cfg=parallel1.cfg 

and ended up with 

 File "/home/.../geocubitlib/utilities.py", line 143, in savemesh
TypeError: object of type 'int' has no len()

Is my config file wrong? Is there any example i can compare with or any
manual (apart from the geocubit manual)? 

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards 

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