[CIG-SEISMO] geocubit.py caveat and parallelization

Erin Wirth Moriarty ewirth at uw.edu
Mon Apr 13 17:02:44 PDT 2015


Would someone be able to explain to me the warning given in geocubit.py
that "VERSIONs of CUBIT > 13 have bugs with merge node commands and
equivalence"? How severe of an issue is this and when does it arise?
Cimsoft will only distribute Trelis (i.e., I can't get any of the older
versions of Cubit).

I would like to use geocubit.py because it seems to make it easy to
parallelize the mesh making process. If I can't get geocubit.py to work, is
there another way to run the meshing in parallel for the creation of large

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