[CIG-MC] how to use python script to visualize output file

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Hi Ronghua,

It is likely that your cluster has a job queue and you won't have to supply
a machinefile when you submit an mpi job. In this case, you can use
'localhost' to replace machinefile in the command line argument for


On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 3:05 PM, 崔荣花 <rhcui at asch.whigg.ac.cn> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am Ronghua Cui. Sorry for interrupting you. I want to use python scripts
> under directory 'visual' of CitcomS package, but I have some questions to
> ask.
> The usage of script 'batchcombine.py' is like this:
> *Paste and combine Citcom data*
> *Usage: batchcombine.py <machinefile | node-list> datadir datafile
> timestep nodex nodey nodez ncap nprocx nprocy nprocz [fields
> [ncompositions]]*
> What's the machinefile please?
> I want to combine coordinates and corresponding data files like surf and
> botm from instantaneous mantle flow to draw pictures. Could anybody give me
> an example of the usage of scripts 'batchcombine.py', 'autocombine.py' and
> 'batchsurf.py'?
> Thanks.
> With regards,
> Ronghua
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