[CIG-MC] how to use python scriiw pt to visualize output file .

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El may. 10, 2018 2:13 AM, "崔荣花" <rhcui at asch.whigg.ac.cn> escribió:

Dear all,

I am Ronghua Cui. Sorry for interrupting you. I want to use python scripts
under directory 'visual' of CitcomS package, but I have some questions to
The usage of script 'batchcombine.py' is like this:

*Paste and combine Citcom data*
*Usage: batchcombine.py <machinefile | node-list> datadir datafile timestep
nodex nodey nodez ncap nprocx nprocy nprocz [fields [ncompositions]]*

What's the machinefile please?

I want to combine coordinates and corresponding data files like surf and
botm from instantaneous mantle flow to draw pictures. Could anybody give me
an example of the usage of scripts 'batchcombine.py', 'autocombine.py' and


With regards,

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