[CIG-MC] about CitcomS with ggrd

崔荣花 rhcui at asch.whigg.ac.cn
Fri Sep 15 00:32:32 PDT 2017

Hi all,

I am going to setup CitcomS-3.3.1 with GGRD in my computer according to the manual. After installing hc-1.0.5, i run command 'hc -vvv' to check if hc could be used. But it turned out to some error:

[cc at dell applications]$ hc -vvv
hc: starting version compiled on Thu Feb  4 05:55:09 2016
prem_read_model: error: can't open model file prem/prem.dat
hc_init_constants: error: could not init PREM, error code: 1

I don't know why this error come out. I have set environment values according to README.TXT file.

I found in the geodynamics.org/cig/software/hc/ that there is new version hc-1.0.7. After installing this version, it still resulted errors:

[cc at dell hc-1.0.7]$ hc -vvv
hc: starting version compiled on Tue Aug  8 10:12:39 2017
prem_read_model: initialized PREM model from file prem/prem.dat
hc_assign_viscosity: read 4 layered viscosity[Pas] from visc.dat
hc_assign_viscosity: rough estimate of mean viscosity: 1.42802 x 1e+21 = 1.42802e+21 Pas
hc_init_main: using constant dln\rho/dln input density scaling of 0.2
hc_init: initializing for free-slip
hc_assign_density: error: can not open file dens.sh.dat for mode r access

Does it matter for the use of CitcomS?

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