[CIG-MC] ask about the geoid output of CitcomS

崔荣花 rhcui at asch.whigg.ac.cn
Wed May 3 07:10:04 PDT 2017

Hi all,

I have a problem about the geoid output of CitcomS. From the mannual, I knew the meaning of the columns in the ascii geoid file. There are eight columns in the geoid file, including columns of spherical harmonic degrees(l),order(m), cosine term of total geoid(Slm), sine term of total geoid(Clm), cosine term duing to surface topo,sine term duing to surface topo, cosine term duing to internal density variation and sine term duing to internal density variation. But, I found that there weren't cosine and sine terms for the CMB topo. Could anyone explain this to me, please?
Thanks a lot.

Best regards,
Cui Ronghua

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