[CIG-MC] ASPECT 1.5.0 released

Rene Gassmoeller rene.gassmoeller at mailbox.org
Wed Mar 1 10:28:32 PST 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of ASPECT 1.5.0. ASPECT is the 
Solver for Problems in Earth's ConvecTion. It uses modern numerical 
methods such
as adaptive mesh refinement, multigrid, and a modular software design to
provide a fast, flexible, and extensible mantle convection solver. ASPECT is
available from


and the release is available from


This release includes the following changes:

- New: Choice between different formulations for the governing equations
   including Boussinesq and anelastic liquid approximation.
- New: Melt transport (two-phase flow).
- Particles: new generators, ghost exchange, performance improvements,
   interpolation to fields.
- New: Nondimensional material model for incompressible (using the 
   approximation) and compressible computations (with ALA or TALA) for
   nondimensionalized problems. This can be used for benchmark problems like
   Blankenbach, King, etc..
- New: Optional DG method for temperature/composition.
- Adiabatic conditions: rework, now includes a reference density profile.
- Free surface: overhaul.
- New cookbooks: continental extension, finite strain, BurnMan interface,
   active tracers.
- New benchmarks: TanGurnis, Blankenbach, King.
- New: viscoplastic material model.
- Material model interface cleanup.
- Assembly performance improvements.
- New: memory statistics postprocessor.
- New: initial topography plugins.
- Many other fixes and small improvements.

A complete list of changes can be found at
and the release is also available from

Wolfgang Bangerth, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller, Timo Heister, and 
other contributors.

Rene Gassmoeller

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