[CIG-MC] Problems with tracer and composition output in CitcomS

Bao, Xiyuan xiyuan at illinois.edu
Tue Aug 8 15:22:35 PDT 2017

Hi there,

I'm currently researching LLSVPs with a global model using CitcomS but I met a weird output.

First , I tried CItcomS 3.0.3, I have attached my Tracer_setup.c. In the lab65x33.cfg file , you can find my initial settings , among them the age part is useless(We changed some related contents in the code, but I shut down them in the cfg file.

1.To pick out LLSVPs, I use temperature(T) and radius(R) as a filter of tracer flavor, in the function count_tracers_of_flavors in lib/Tracer_setup.c:

You see, I set 2 flavors, 0 for ambient, 1 for LLSVPs.

2.And of course to activate the filter I need to read in the T before set tracer flavor , so I change the sequence of 2 functions:
For different configure way,

1)on the server Blue Waters, configure file using :
./configure MPICC=cc CC=cc MPICXX=CC CXX=CC LDFLAGS="-dynamic",

move (E->problem_initial_fields)(E) in front of initialize_tracers(E) in initial_conditions in the code /lib/Instructions.c ;

2)on the server Keeling, configure file using :
 CFLAGS="-g -O2 -I$PWD/python/pythia-" ./configure,

move self.initTemperature() in front of   self.initTracer() in the function launch(self) in the code CitcomS/Components/IC.py.

I use buoy_type = 1 , so comp_el is just a ratio between number of tracer 1 and number of all tracers. The temperature input is in Temp.pdf , all those images below are at CMB.

Then strange thing happened, see output map of tracer flavor in the image Tracer.pdf ,  the African LLSVP at the center is complete, so is Pacific one , but look at comp_nd output in Comp_nd.pdf, African part misses a lot , comp_el in Comp_el.pdf is even a mess , I really cannot figure out why. Comp_nd should be consistent with Tracer flavor, but somehow I got such strange output , I even tried the latest version 3.3.1 but met the same problem, except for one thing, comp_el here is basically the same with comp_nd(see Comp_el_new.pdf , initial settings are in the file newlab). BTW, the way I plot comp_el is to change its name to comp_nd and use autocombine.py. Could you please offer me some clue to solve this? Thank you very much!

Bao,Xiyuan ,
School of Earth and Space Science,
University of Science and Technology of China.
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