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Scott King sdk at vt.edu
Tue Oct 25 23:09:34 PDT 2016

Hi Eleonora;

The PID file is just a repeat of your input.  You need to search for files that begin with datafile=<fiilename>
where <filename> is whatever you have chosen.   Files with filename.velo have temperature and velocity.
Coordinates are in filename.coord.   If you use the following in your file you will generate files
that can be read by paraview or visit.   I think the manual describes this.

# CitcomS.solver.output

On Oct 25, 2016, at 3:41 AM, Eleonora Ficini <eleonora.ficini at uniroma1.it> wrote:

> Dear all at cig-mc,
> I'm an Italian PhD student, working on the dynamics of plate tectonics and
> subduction zones, and their connection with mantle convection.
> I would like to ask your help:
> I was trying to do some exercises to get used to CitcomS but I was not
> successful in post-processing the data with the pid file. So, I was not
> able to visualize the results that I get.
> Thank you in advance for your time and help.
> With my best regards,
> Eleonora Ficini, PhD student
> Department of Earth Sciences
> Sapienza University of Rome
> P.le A. Moro, 5 - 00185, Rome, Italy
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