[CIG-MC] When should particles be generated?

Harsha Lokavarapu lokavarapuh at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 17:45:05 PST 2016


With the new particle post-processing upgrade to ASPECT, I am working on a plugin that attempts to control when particles are generated during run time.
There are two possible ideas that I am considering. Particles are placed: 
	- at a specific user defined time step
	- or, if the derivative of the heat flux with respect to time across all of the boundary surfaces is less than a, user defined, tolerance level.

The aspect/particle/generator/interface.h contains the function 
	virtual void generate_particles(…)
which is implemented by multiple child classes. I am working on a proof of concept specifically for one child class, uniform_radial, at the moment. However, is it programmatically possible to generalize the solution to all child classes using some form of C++ magic (without source code modification)?

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