[CIG-MC] How to setup subduction modeling in CitcomS

Scott Tarlow scott_tarlow at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 26 12:36:36 PDT 2015

Hi Qingwen,

For most of the part CitcomS already has what you want: If you take a look at cookbook 5 under CitcomS.solver.visc you can set the 4 layer parameters (depth, Visc0, ViscE,ViscT) to what you want. Also, using the methods described in cookbook 5, you can write an initial temperature file to look how you want, i.e. with some sort of slab (any geometric function shape, like parabolic or gaussian) as a perterbation in the mantle. With that, you will be 95% of the way there. What I think you might need to use, as Dr Becker suggests, is the grrd options, for the weak viscosity zone between the overriding plate and the down going the slab. I have not used this method, but when I was working in CitcomS I added a routine to viscosity_structures.c to multiply the the elements in a prescribed volume by a prefactor to weaken the viscosity via an input file. You will also need to edit some other files, but looking how viscosity_structures.c’s routines sets the viscosities should get you there. 

hope this helps,

Scott Tarlow
Graduate Student
UC Davis, Earth and Planetary Sciences

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