[CIG-MC] AGU Session: Slabs in the Earth's Mantle

Margarete Jadamec mjadamec at central.uh.edu
Tue Jul 21 22:36:34 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite submissions to our co-organized session on Slabs in
the Earth's Mantle at this year's AGU Fall Meeting:
 *"DI013: Slabs in the Earth's Mantle: Where do they go and how do they
interact with the mantle?" (Session ID# 8134)*

*Session Description:*
Subduction of oceanic lithosphere has recycled vast amounts of material
between the Earth’s mantle, crust, and atmosphere over geologic time.
Styles of subduction vary widely across the Earth, with potential
consequences for various modes and fluxes of geochemical cycling. New views
on what controls slab dynamics are leading to better understanding, for
example, under what conditions slabs reach the core-mantle boundary or
instead stagnate in the transition zone or shallow lower mantle. Fluxes and
the depth to which slabs carry volatiles, especially carbon and hydrogen,
will depend on subduction style, pressure-temperature phase stability, and
melt generation. In this session we hope to communicate ideas across SEDI
research such as imaging of slab geometry and seismicity, geodynamic
modelling of slab dynamics, and mineral physics and geochemical experiments
or computations collectively aimed at understanding the physics and
chemistry of slabs in the Earth’s mantle.

*Confirmed Invited Speakers:*
Magali Billen (UC Davis)
Craig Bina (Nortwestern University)
Anja Rosenthal (BGI Bayreuth)
Alex Song (University College London)

Please submit abstracts by *August, 5th* to*

On behalf of the Organizers,

Hauke Marquardt (BGI Bayreuth)
Steve Jacobsen (Northwestern University)
Maureen Long (Yale University)
Margarete Jadamec (University of Houston)

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