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Lorraine Hwang ljhwang at ucdavis.edu
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12 January 2015

Dear CIG Community:
This week’s webinar begins a series of talks on verification and validation efforts by the CIG community.  Join us for a joint presentation from Prof. Louise Kellogg and Dr. Pierre Arrial on, Influence of numerical discretization on preferred thermal convection patterns in a 3-D spherical shell on Thursday, January 15 @ 2pm PT:
3-D numerical simulations of thermal convection in a spherical shell have become a standard for studying the dynamics of pattern formation and its stability under perturbations to various parameter values. The question arises as to how the discretization of the governing equations affects the outcome and thus, any physical interpretation. Motivated by numerical simulations of convection in the Earth’s mantle, we consider isoviscous Rayleigh–Bénard convection at infinite Prandtl number. We show that the subtleties involved in developing mantle convection models are considerably more delicate than has been previously appreciated, due to the rich dynamical behavior of the system. Two codes with different numerical discretization schemes – an established, community developed, and benchmarked finite-element code (CitcomS) and a novel spectral method that combines Chebyshev polynomials with radial basis functions (RBF) – are fully compared. A third code (ASPECT), using finite-element, is also tested for the comparison and reproduces partially results with other methods. This work demonstrates the impact of numerical discretization on the observed patterns, the value at which symmetry is broken, and how stability and stationary behavior is dependent upo
You may connect to the meeting through the link provided below or through our home page* at geodynamics.org <http://geodynamics.org/> by navigating to Events>Webinar: http://geodynamics.org/cig/events/webinars/ <http://geodynamics.org/cig/events/webinars/> :
      https://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/_a841422360/r28i3av93ti/ <https://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/_a841422360/r28i3av93ti/> <https://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/_a841422360/r28i3av93ti/ <https://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/_a841422360/r28i3av93ti/>>

More complete instructions can also be found at:
      http://geodynamics.org/cig/events/webinars/ <http://geodynamics.org/cig/events/webinars/> <http://geodynamics.org/cig/events/webinars/ <http://geodynamics.org/cig/events/webinars/>>

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Past CIG seminars are available on our website and YouTube Channel.

Lorraine Hwang, PhD
Associate Director, CIG

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