[CIG-MC] some questions about CitcomS3.3.1

姜辉 jianghui at mail.iggcas.ac.cn
Tue Dec 8 07:11:53 PST 2015

Hello, everyone,

I recently installed CitcomS3.3.1 and run the examples in it. There're some problems confused me.

1.The minstep in every example's configuration file defines the minimum number of time steps for the model, does it make the same effect as steps in the Pyre version? (I used 3.2.0 version before.) If it does, why every model calculate 1000 steps? It seems the minstep did not play a role in control time steps?

2.I display the results in Paraview, and want to see the 0th time step image which is an origin model before any calculate, only represents the initial data(like mesh, viscosity and velocity). But the data changed as if it already calculates. Take the cookboo4 viscosity for example, the initial viscosity for four layers are all 1, so it should be all 1 for all points' viscosity at the 0the time step, but  upper points' viscosity haved changed to 2 or bigger. Other parameter like velocity also has the same problem.

3. When running cookbook5, it always says: warning: solver  not converging! after every step.The command I write is : mpirun -np 2 CitcomSRegional cookbook5.

Thank you for your time!


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