[CIG-MC] citcoms install

姜辉 jianghui at mail.iggcas.ac.cn
Thu Dec 3 23:59:58 PST 2015

Hello, everyone

I now try to install CitcomS3.3.1 on Ubuntu14.04,
but when it always met errors when make, the error information is in attachement.

I use openmpi and setup by source file openmpi-1.10.1
libhdf5-dev and hdf5-tools are set by apt-get install,
libhdf5 deb file is download from Ubuntu web and install by command dpkg

I do not know whether there's something wrong with  hdf5, it says something's wrong in H5GOpen?
but I have installed the hdf5 and related files several times and all go through with no error,
and citcoms also can successfully configure with hdf5.I don't know what's the problem.

It seems that nothing of the CitcomS files was installed.

Thank you.

Jiang Hui

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