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OK, I know it clearly now. Thank you very much!
I'll try the new version of  pure-c CitcomS.

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I do not understand what do you mean by pyre is not supported anymore, does it mean I cannot install citcoms with pyre anymore?

Pyre (which is contained in pythia package) does not work for Python 2.7 or newer. There is nobody maintaining pythia package to make it compatible to newer python. So the pyre support was removed in CitcomS 3.3.

If python 2.6 is installed, I used to be able to use pyrized CitcomS (3.2 or older) with:

./configure --with-pyre PYTHON=python2.6

But it is not working anymore. The configure script tries to download pythia, but fail with this error:

urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
It seems either the web site is down or the web page is removed. Anyway, I don't recommend you to continue using pyre-version CitcomS, please consider to migrate to pure-c version.

I always use citcoms with pyre, and without it , the examples in cookbooks cannot run and all the models I set cannot run either. I'm used to work with the pyre version,and do not know how to run the citcom without pyre.

CitcomS 3.3 contains a script Py2C to convert pyre version input file to pure-c version input file. The pdf manual has instruction on how to execute pure-c version of CitcomS.

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