[CIG-MC] Modifying CitcomS to output in terms of non-dimensional time rather than timestep

Aaron Prunty pruntya at vt.edu
Wed Sep 3 10:22:08 PDT 2014


I am working with CitcomS-3.2.0 (Pyre version) and I would like to know if it’s possible to change the code so that it outputs velocity, viscosity, stress, temperature, pressure, material, horiz_avg, geoid output, etc., in terms of a non-dimensional dt_time unit, rather than based upon the set monitoringFrequency.

Basically, I want to know where in the code the if-statement is that says, "If current_timestep is some multiple of E->monitor_frequency, then output a velocity file" and change it to "if non-dimensional_time is some multiple of dt_output, then output a velocity file…”

Thank you,

Aaron C. Prunty
B.S. Geology & Geophysics
Virginia Tech, 2013

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