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On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 5:55 AM, Hammond, Noah <noah_hammond at brown.edu>

> Can the ASCII file have 4 columns, (lat, lon, radius, temperature)?

No. Each ascii (and grd) file defines the temperature at a constant radius
(a layer). You will need multiple grd files to cover the whole domain.
CitcomS will interpolate between layers.

> I am also required to install HC, is that right?


> On a related note, the manual states that Mike Gurnis added the capability
> for CitcomS to use geographically dependent surface temperature boundary
> conditions. Can you explain how these conditions are implemented using grd
> files?

This part of the code is called "lith_age". The code reads the thermal age
from ascii files, and then modify the top thermal boundary structure with
the thermal age. In other words, it modifies the temperature field, not the
temperature BC.

> Earlier you mentioned that geographically dependent basal heat flow
> boundary conditions are not possibly with this version of the code, but
> could a similar approach (using grd files) be used to implement a spatially
> dependent heat flux at the base?
As I mentioned above. The lith_age code doesn't change the boundary
conditions. What you need is something similar to the geographically
dependent velocity boundary condition, which is explained in Cookbook 5.
Copying the code of reading velocity BC and modifying the code for
temperature BC would be more suitable for you.

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