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> 1.Does this programme can run more than one *.cfg files in the same time?

Yes, I use this feature all the time.

> It is said in the manual that "one or more configuration files and command
> line options may be specified on the command line: $ citcoms a.cfg b.cfg
> --foo.bar=baz", but it is also said "If more than one configuration files
> are given on the command line, the later one overrides the former one". So
> does that mean it only can run one *.cfg file? I've tested to run two or
> more files using $citcoms a.cfg b.cfg c.cfg ... h.cfg, but it didn't work,
> only the last one be calculated.

If these two cfg files contain the same parameters, citcoms will use the
parameter value in the 2nd cfg.

My use cases for multiple cfg files are like this:
If I am running a set of models while changing the activation energy of
viscosity. I have a series of cfg file, say v1.cfg, v2.cfg, ..., each
contains only two parameter (CitcomS.solver.visc.viscE and
CitcomS.solver.datadir) but with different values, and another cfg file,
model.cfg, which contains all the other parameters. Then, I can start my
models with:

citcoms model.cfg v1.cfg
citcoms model.cfg v2.cfg

> Besides, what does the "--foo.bar=baz" mean?
For example, you can set the value of viscE from the cfg file:

viscE = 10

or from the command line:
citcoms --CitcomS.solver.visc.viscE=10

If there's some command that could run more than one files, what is it and
> how to use it ? When the files are in different folders and also I want to
> save the results in seperate foldes which the *.cfg files in, how could I
> do?
See above.

> 2.The default result type is ascii, which could be visulized in OpenDX. If
> I want to see the result in other tools, like paraview, then the
> output_format needs to be vtk. So how to get different types results in the
> same time, not by running the same file twice or more? or if there's any
> command or software to convert ascii to vtk/vtk to ascii?

It is not possible to get two types of output at the same time. But you can
extract the ascii result from vtk files easily.

> 3.the last one is about the command "autocombine.py". After run the file,
> I got the ascii results and I need to use autocombine.py to generate cap
> files, so that the results can be seen in Opendx. but it always show error
> like this:TypeError: writelines() argument must be a sequence of strings. I
> don't konw why? When I run the examples in cookbooks and using autobombine,
> it worked well. But my own files, it didn't work and showed the error
> above. Maybe the *.cfg file I wrote is not correct or other fault? The cfg
> file I run and the errorinfo are pasted in attachement.

Your input cfg file is incorrect. These are the problematic parameters:

nprocx = 2
nprocy = 2
nodex = 16
nodey = 38

They must satisfy this equation: nodex = nprocx * N + 1, with some integer
N. CitcomS should report (to screen and to log file) that your mesh grid is
not consistent. You probably missed the error report and thought the
program finished normally.


Eh Tan
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