[CIG-MC] Aspect plans for the future (and things we've worked on lately)

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at math.tamu.edu
Mon Feb 10 12:19:03 PST 2014

On 02/10/2014 12:53 PM, Scott King wrote:
> Thanks Wolgang and Timo, this is great.
> My suggestion is to add
> We are having twice monthly conference calls with Eric and Raj to discuss
> CitcomS development and spherical convection benchmarking and we see this
> continuing during the following year.  We have near term goals of 1)
> removing python code from CitcomS without loss of functionality for users,
> a first step in the integration with PetSc; 2) integration of PetSc in
> CitcomS, and 3) spherical benchmarking, both addressing performance and
> accuracy, with a first report due at the Banff workshop in May.   Following
> these tasks we will revisit integrating the temperature stabilization used
> in Aspect and perhaps using what we learn in the benchmarking.  My thinking
> on this last point is whether it is worth using a different method than
> Aspect in order to give us greater diversity in available methods. Doesn't
> need to be decided now, but I think we should keep an open mind.

Hi Scott -- if you propose to add to the Aspect portion of the plan that we 
participate in benchmarking and stay abreast of the Citcom development, then 
yes, we are certainly in agreement!


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