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Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at math.tamu.edu
Tue Apr 22 14:14:21 PDT 2014


> If anyone has anything they would like to share from the MC working
> group, let me know.   Wolfgang et al.   Mention the Hackathon?   the 1.0
> release?   Get it to my by COB on Thursday so I can compile and forward
> to Lorraine.

Sure. How about this:

Aspect 1.0 was released April 16, 2014. An incredible amount of work, by 
many people, has gone into this release. In particular, there is now 
much more documentation, including many more cookbooks. There are also 
many improvements in the underlying models. For example, compositional 
models now allow for reactions between different fields, they can have 
boundary conditions, and they can encode latent heat in 
thermodynamically more realistic models. Finally, Aspect has received 
significant performance improvements and we have routinely been running 
large, 3d, full-Earth simulations over a billion year horizon on several 
1000 cores. Examples can be found at
In these computations, our ability to visualize data limits how large we 
can go. We are confident that this is by far not the limit of 
scalability of Aspect and that the code is ready for production use.

To support the ongoing development of Aspect, we will hold a Hackathon 
May 14-23, 2014, in College Station, TX. We expect approximately 13 
participants. The aim is to further develop models and code previously 
written by the participants in support of their own research, and to 
incorporate into Aspect itself whatever is of general interest. We also 
intend to use the meeting to define future science goals that Aspect 
should support, as well as identify the necessary functionality that 
needs to be provided to do so.


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