[CIG-MC] 2013 CIDER post-AGU workshop announcement

Lorraine Hwang ljhwang at ucdavis.edu
Wed Sep 11 09:19:39 PDT 2013

**Post-AGU CIDER workshop: Dec 14, 2013 (Berkeley, CA)**

 Registration is now open for the 2013 Post AGU CIDER workshop, which will
take place at U.C. Berkeley on Saturday Dec 14, 2013, following the AGU
meeting in San Francisco. 

This one day workshop features a retrospective of the 2013 CIDER summer
program on the topic "From mantle to crust: continental formation and
destruction" and a "kick-off" for the 2014 CIDER summer program on "Dynamics
of Planetary Interiors". It is organized around 4 keynote lectures by
Rebecca Flowers, Claude Jaupart, Richard Walker and Peter Olson.

Plan and stay one extra day following AGU,  relax and find out about CIDER
activities. A preliminary program and registration form can be found at:


***Application/Registration closes on November 12th, 2013***


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