[CIG-MC] REMINDER: CIG WEBINAR TODAY - Prof Scott King - The World is Not Enough - 2 pm PT

Lorraine Hwang ljhwang at ucdavis.edu
Thu Oct 10 08:47:19 PDT 2013

****************** REMINDER **************

10 October 2013

Dear CIG Community:

We kick off our webinar series TODAY on Thursday, October 10 @ 2pm PT featuring Professor Scott King from Virginia Tech on The World Is Not Enough: Mantle Dynamics from a Planetary Perspective. He notes that while many CIGers are firmly rooted here on planet Earth, CIG modeling tools can and are being applied to interesting problems on other bodies in the Solar System. His webinar will touch on some of the exciting research problems beyond the terrestrial sphere, including: Is Mercury's topography and volcanic history indicative of a dynamic interior today?; What is the mechanism of resurfacing on Venus?; Is Mars a one plume planet? Come learn how CIG tools are a common Bond between earth and planetary science researchers. 

You may connect to the meeting through the link provided below or through the home page at geodynamics.org.  More complete instructions can also be found at:


Remember to test your connection before the beginning the webinar. 




Connect to webinar:


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